We would be happy to assist you as a software consultant, mentor or senior software developer, or take over the project management, coordination of software projects and carry out trainings in our areas of expertise:

Computer Vision/
Image Processing

With many years of computer vision and image processing experience you can benefit from our expertise. Whether it be research and development or classical image processing applications for either desktop or mobile platforms.

Machine Learning/
Deep Learning

Gain competitive advantage in the market by utilising Machine Learning/Deep Learning methods in order to solve your business problems. We can help you to make use of this disruptive technology and come up with a solution that percectly fits your needs.

Software Architecture/
Build Systems

In order for software to remain maintainable, scalable and extendable, a good architecture is a key ingredient. With our certified knowledge, we will give advise to lay the foundation or how to tackle technical debt.


Following are some selected projects I've worked on over the last years.

Android FFT

High performance implementation of signal processing and AI

HearingAI UK Limited

SW Architecture

SW refactoring and speedup of image processing algorithms

Instrument Systems GmbH


Vision Algorithms Engineer

MVTec Software GmbH


Technical Project Manager

MAS Software GmbH


Software Engineer

MAS Software GmbH


Research Assistant

Computer Vision and Mixed Reality, RheinMain University

Kai Wolf - SW Consulting

Computer scientist (M.Sc.) with a strong focus on computer vision, image processing and machine learning mainly in the languages C, C++, Java and Python. Other key interests of mine are build systems, software architecture and tools for software quality.

Kai Wolf

Informatiker, M.Sc.



  • Computer Vision/Image Processing
  • Machine Learning/Deep Learning
  • Software Architecture
  • Design Patterns
  • Build Systems
  • Linux/Unix
  • Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment
  • Mobile Computing


Languages C, C++ (11,14,17), Kotlin, Java, Python, Perl, Prolog, Go
Frameworks Qt, OpenCV, HALCON, VTK, Android, OpenMP, OpenCL, CUDA, Yocto, RenderScript, Django, Jekyll, JSF, JSP, OpenGL, Caffe, Tensorflow
Build-Management Ant, Bazel, CMake, Make, Gradle, Jenkins, Conan, TravisCI, CircleCI, AppVeyor, Team Foundation Server (TFS)
Tools Git, SVN, Bash, VIM, Doxygen, AsciiDoc

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