Create appropriate images for Leanpub

January 08, 2017

So, you want to write a book (such as Effective CMake for instance) and of course you also want to add nice images to your book. For technical books Leanpub suggests that your images should have a resolution of 468px x 648px at 72 ppi. Unfortunately, 72 points per inch on printed paper won’t quite give you crisp and clear images. While this value may be sufficient for screen readers, usually a value...

Setup the LLVM toolchain

January 08, 2017

Let’s say you want to start hacking on LLVM, patch clang-format to adjust it for your own styleguide or you simply want to use include-what-you use (iwyu) without spilling lots of errors about missing header files, it’s best to check out a fresh version of LLVM and build it yourself. Even though the official documentation on how to get started is quite good, it is missing some details if you want to...

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