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We have the capacity and knowledge to deliver state-of-the-art digital solutions, tailored for your specific business needs. With our many years of project experience in both classical software engineering as well as doing consultancy work, we deliver excellent results in time and within your project budget.

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About Us

Kai Wolf - SW Consulting was founded in early 2018 and since then has successfully completed many projects in a wide variety of industries including automotive, medicine or is helping start-ups to deliver MVPs. The projects carried out often involve a large share of research work, are mathematical challenging or involve implementing specific core routines as efficient as possible.

We work mainly but not exclusively in the areas of Computer Vision, Machine Learnig/Deep Learning as well as doing native software development, mainly for desktop and mobile. In addition, we share a network of experts who are consulted on a project-by-project basis to be able to deliver excellent and state-of-the-art results every time.


Our Team

Meet the most talented and creative people who do their best to provide you with high-class and stunning products to meet any demand!

Kai Wolf

Kai Wolf

Computer Scientist
Kateryna Kundera

Kateryna Kundera

Back Office