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We would be happy to assist you as a software consultant, mentor or senior software developer, or take over the project management, coordination of software projects and carry out workshops in our areas of expertise:

Computer Vision / Image Processing

With many years of computer vision and image processing experience you can benefit from our expertise. Whether it be research and development or classical image processing applications for either desktop or mobile platforms.

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Machine Learning / Deep Learning

Gain competitive advantage in the market by utilising Machine Learning/Deep Learning methods in order to solve your business problems. We can help you to make use of this technology and come up with a solution that fits your needs.

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Native Software Development

For software to remain maintainable, scalable and extendable, best practices and a good architecture are key ingredients. With our CS background and certified expertise, we achieve optimal results and help you tackling technical debt.

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Following is a collection of several workshops for selected topics. These workshops have a typical size of one day up to a few days and will help you to get up to speed quickly or dive deep in a given topic. Please contact us for further information for a specific request.

Build systems and software dependency management

State-of-the-art techniques and tools for proper software dependency management in C and C++ based projects

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The complete software development lifecycle

Tools and CI/CD processes for C and C++ based projects, covering the whole software development lifecycle

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C++ training

Refresher of basic language elements as well as the latest C++17 features and common approaches to typical software development problems

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Introduction to Computer Vision

Basic concepts from Image Processing and Computer Vision and demonstration of a wide variety of applications

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Python training

Writing clean, efficient and maintainable Python code that keeps being extendable without slowing down development

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Techniques for writing fast code

State-of-the-art performance techniques with numerous examples, delivering key insights for writing highly efficient code

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