Computer Vision / Image Processing


Computer Vision deals with the process of automatic understanding of visual information from a single-source or several images or image sequences. From an engineering point of view it applies methods from classical image progessing and artificial intelligence to extract useful information from a given visual input source.

Some of the most important tasks in Computer Vision include object detection and classification, object tracking and scene reconstruction. In recent years, in addition to classical approaches, deep neural networks (DNN) have been increasingly used in these areas with significant success, especially with large amounts of training data at hand.

example work

Project requests

Based on many years of project work experience in the field of Computer vision, we would be happy to assist you as your expert contact, whether you'd like to get an overview of state-of-the-art techniques and methods or in case you have a software development request.


We worked with a variety of clients and technologies over the years of which the most prominent are: OpenCV, ITC, VTK, HALCON, Caffee, TensorFlow as well as C++/Qt.
Please also have a look at the list of recently finished projects for more information on those technology.