Native Software Development

Software Development

We focus mainly on three different areas of software development: Desktop applications, Mobile apps as well as server backend code. Common requests also include performance optimization tasks for specific routines that have to be as efficient as possible. With our many years of project experience, we can help you solve your business needs and give advice on how to move forward in the best possible way.

The procedure

After the initial project requirements have been settled, we offer several types of contracts, depending on your specific preferences. We work in an agile manner, usually with several iterations to achieve optimal results while keeping the development costs low. You may also have a look at our portfolio of recently finished projects to get a first impression on the type of work we are doing.

Types of application

Recently finished projects included the development of a Desktop-based 3D viewer for CT datasets, developing a cross-plattform AR application for iOS and Android or the runtime optimization of several image processing algorithms for a camera system vendor.